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Matt Wilson



I use the same username on most RC forums I am a member of, so it's easy to track me down.   The forums I know off the top of my head of which I'm a memember of using mwilson914 are as follows:







www.rcuniverse.com I am listed as member wilsonmatt1977. 


I'm very unoriginal with my usernames as they are always abreviated forms of my real name and my birthday (September 14th, 1977).


I create a variety of custom content for Realflight G5.5 and Realflight 6 ranging from EA's (Entire Aircraft), AP's (Air Ports) and airport objects, CS's (Color Schemes) and AV's (Aircraft Variants).  If you like my work, you'll definately want to visit here occasionally.  Since I don't want to oversaturate the swaps with my content, I often change my AV's and CS's to be of greater quality.  These updates don't get uploaded to the swaps usually because it looks like a "bump" just to submit something that's re-edited.


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