June 8th, 2016

I referenced my site to someone earlier and though I might as well let the world know I'm not dead or anything.  I'm still modeling for other projects.  I'm busy as a parent, employee for my full time job and I'd rather be out hiking in the mountains on the weekends than continued sitting in a chair on my days off.



It's been an incredibly long time since I've updated anything here.  I'm still around, but I've not had the available time for personal 3D modeling or enjoying the RC hobby in the real world.  I do still work on 3D models as freelance work, but I have enough on my plate and I currently do not have available space on my schedule for additional projects. 

If you seriously want me to create any 3D graphics, the wait time is probably about 18 months for the next slot.

This all being said, I need to state this:
Don't let physical inactivity take away your health. It's a hard lesson for those of us with desk jobs, but also for those that work at home from a PC as a second source of income. I'm lucky to still be alive.

Constantly sitting will kill you slowly and it's completely avoidable.

Almost a year since my last post!  Wow.  Anyone that still comes to check out my page I appreciate you doing so, and I do apologize for the lack of updates.  Hopefully I do something soon, or I will end up creating a new page for 3D modeling in general. 

It's been a while since I've created anything for Realflight.  I just haven't had the time to dedicate, though I will say I have not given up.  Knifeedge Software would still need to update the .kex export plugin to work with later versions of Max than 2012 as well since I'm on the latest software.



Yes, my first news post this year!


I was just thinking about my models and how they are no longer 100% compatible with the latest version of Realflight due to the update to the rendering engine.  My models which have specular mapping appear extremely glossy and some have weird green and purple hues.  I'm in the process of trying to fix my older models so that they look as they are supposed to in Realflight 6.5 and Realflight 7.


There is also an issue with smoothing groups which cause shading errors on some models.  Realflight used a global option before so that smoothing would automatically be generated based on max angles of surfaces.  I would define most of my smoothing groups to polygons, but there are some spots on the models I just didn't worry about because Realflight would automatically correct these areas upon import.  You can see this in the left aileron of the Space Shuttle and in the air intakes of the F-15E.



Just got back from the Snohomish funfly.  I am pretty pumped after watching Matt Botos, Nick Maxwell, Leon Luke and Devin Leblanc fly.  There were many other great pilots there too so I really hate leaving their names out of this, but unfortunately I don't know everyone.  Why is this news?  Because it is my website and I say it is.

August 13, 2013


I was thinking about my site today and thought to myself; "Hey, I should make some sort of a post, update, something, etc. to my site"


I've not had the time I would like to model for fun personal playtime this year.  That is not to say I haven't been modeling or anything.  Though things have been fairly slow for me, I have been really digging into 3DS Max again lately.  I have versions 2012, 2013 and 2014 thanks to my Autodesk subscription and I found recently that I have some file version conflict problems with some of my old models.  This is dissappointing as I thought I converted all final models in my folders to .obj, .3ds and .fbx.  However I found a few files that I missed.  I do have older copies of the models that will at least open, but I have to re-work the scene again to complete the project....again.


As far as Realflight is concerned, I haven't created any models in a long while.  I just really miss the old fixed wing physics prior to RF6.  I find my B-1B Lancer and F-15E fly exactly as I want and as I would expect from such large turbine models.  Though admittingly, I have never flown models of this caliber in the real world I have made the physics as real as possible (weight, airfoils, power, fuel consumption, etc.)  For examples I will use my B-1B and my F-15E since they are my personal favorite models. 


In Realflight 5.5 I can actually get my aircraft to stall and I feel the landings are fairly realistic compared to my personal real world aircraft.  I don't get that at all in RF6.  I have to go out at least 3 times as far for my landing approach with my B-1B as it just glides and glides and glides.  My F-15E glides a little too well in RF6 as well, but I've been able to tweak my model enough to feel a bit better, though I'm still happier with how it flies in Realflight 5.5. 


So, I still fly in both Realflight G5.5 and RF6 depending on the aircraft I'm flying.  I also like to drop the bombs from my B-1B and F-15E and this works great in RF6, but not in Realflight G5.5.  The dropped items instantly stop moving in the horizontal direction when released (they carry no momentum/forward velocity) and then fall straight down as if they were dropped from a stationary place in the air.  It's really frustrating since I love how fixed wing aircraft fly in G5.5.


I'll say this here eventhough this is my dedicated "Realflight" page.  The flight physics in Intertiasoft's FSOne V2 simulator are the most realistic out of the three sims I own.  (Realflight, Phoenix and FS One V2). 


With special regards to FS One V2, I would like to say thank you Michael Selig for the great work he's done on accurate flight physics.  I hope to see more models debut in your excellent simulator.



That's right!  I'm still alive as far as we know it!  It's been far too long since I've updated my site.  I'm planning on changing this behavior in the very near future.  Keep checking in and I will have something new going on.



I just realized it's been a while since I've updated my site.  I need to add some new pictures soon and just keep up with news/status/updates.


I've recently built a new PC and it's the first time I've had something that can really handle the load.  I'll be getting back into the full swing of things soon and will be creating a new site showcasing less niche material.  I'm planning on building up a stockpile of non-exclusive licensed models which can be sold more than once.  These will be hosted on other sites dedicated to that purpose.


I'm also going to make a simple build soon for the sim.  It will be another HLG model which was requested for me to create.  It's a really cool model and I can't pass it up.



The Space Shuttle model is almost ready for upload.  There are some areas I would have liked to have spent more time, but I need to move onto other things as well as complete another function of the space shuttle model.  I feel this model is good enough for the swap page community as it looks good and it is a blast to fly.


Also, I finally got a full size ATX case for my computer and sufficient 1,000 watt power supply.  I was having issues with 3DS Max running causing my PC to lock up with my monitor turning purple and filled with artifacts.  It turned out while running with the nitrous engine enabled in my viewports, it was demanding a lot more of my graphics card than what I have experienced in the past.  My power supply was slightly under spec to run everything and I knew it needed replaced eventually.  I have had no additional issues since upgrading my system.  All I need now is a new Motherboard preferably an ASUS Sabertooth X79 variety and a 6 core i7 Sandybridge processor...then of course RAM, which turns out, to be incredibly cheap for 16GB of DDR3.



I just got done buying 3DS Max 2012 with subscription, so I don't have to worry about not having the latest and greatest software.  3DS Max 2013 comes out soon, so just when I'm getting used to the new features of 2012, I will have something new to install.


I also just got Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended.  I feel both excited and sick at the same time.  Despite the costs of these programs they are well worth it.



I've got working test models in the sim now of the Space Shuttle.  The shuttle glides well to the ground, but there is still more work to do.


The shuttle, when launched, takes off and arches over sharply and immediately onto it's back.  If you give it full down elevator long enough it will eventually nose up and travel straight up without additional intervention.  Since something like this has never been done before it will take a lot of experimenting to find out what works best.


I'm planning on creating a gyro stablized flight control system for the solid rocket boosters in the flight physics.  The real shuttle ARES rocket boosters operated in this way and in videos you can actually see them testing the guidance system out when the nozzles move about. 


I know I'm pushing the sim outside the realm of it's currently intended purposes, so I imagine it's misinterpereting parameters configured to make the shuttle even work at all.  I'll keep working at it and willsonman from the KE forums is also playing with the test EAs.



I'm about to get ready to go into work.  I have been working for the past couple hours on a few projects thanks to my insomnia.


I uploaded pictures to the site today, but wasn't able to get all the pictures up that I wanted of my remaining models for display.



I created this simple EA of a model rocket yesterday.  It's nothing spectacular and it took absolutely no time to make.  It's a blast though.


I uploaded the model to the new Realflight 6 Downloads section.

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