My Original Realflight G5 EA's

F-15E Strike Eagle
F-15E Strike Eagle
F-15E Strike Eagle
Remove the .zip extension and ensure the available extension is only .rfx to import. This model is 1/5 scale in the sim and is a blast to fly. It has a working canopy, air brake and arrestor hook. All control surfaces move and all lights work. The cockpit is fairly detailed as well.
F-15E Strike
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E-flite Ultra Micro 4-Site
E-flite Ultra Micro 4-Site
E-flite Ultra Micro 4-Site with Speed Brakes
Updated file on 10/3/2010:

Somehow the previous version gained some weight that I was unaware of. I got this plane finally a couple weeks ago for my birthday--hence mwilson914 (Sept. 14th). I brought the model to true spec with regards to weight. I also eliminated the battery draining quickly issue. I could work on the physics a bit more, but I'm ok with it's flight for now. The speed brakes are default with the 3 position switch in the most down position. Flip the switch and the brakes fall off. I haven't used the speed brakes on my real world model yet.

Change the file extension from .zip to .rfx to import into Realflite. This model will work in both G4.5 and G5. The stock prop on this model is exclusive to G5.1 and later versions. Please change the prop to APC electric or another prop of your liking in earlier versions of Realflight.
E-Flite Ultra-Micro 4-Site with speed br
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 2.0 MB


The original EA of the B-58 Hustler exceeds the 5MB size limit for Jimdo.  Please use follow the link to the Knifeedge Swap Pages.  Thank you.

E-flite Ascent 450 BL PNP
Please change the file type from .zip to .rfx to upload into Realflight. This model will work perfectly in both G4.5 and G5/G5.1
E-Flite Ascent 450 BL
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 2.1 MB
Balsa Rubberband Powered Airplane
Modeled after a real balsa rubberband powered airplane I got for my kids from Todd's Models in North Bend Washington. This is an electric conversion in the simulator. Why not?
Balsa Rubberband
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 2.1 MB
Powered Paraglider with working minigun.
Yeah. Every powered paraglider DOES need an operational minigun. Again, why not? Please change the file type from .zip to .rfx to import into Realflight.
Powered Paraglider
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 659.8 KB
The original Powered Paraglider with Drop-Cart
This is the final original EA of the powered paraglider. I had created a series of test models first consisting of a parachute with an attached weighted box. I decided to create a little guy with a round head instead for looks, then I ened up getting more involved until I eventually moulded a head with a nose and pasted my ugly face on it. That's right! It's me. I'm a Realflight model too.

My other test models can be found on the knifeedge forums in the designer's corner. My favorite model in this series is actually the final prototype prior to the addition of the drop cart. I had placed pivots on the heels of the feet. When taxiing on the ground the feet roll around themselves giving the appearance of running feet. The legs don't move-just the feet. It's quite funny and I'm not sure if I've ever made that one available to anyone but a few people. Hmmm.
Powered Paraglider Drop
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 461.5 KB

JAS-39C SAAB Gripen

The file is about 4 1/2 MB too big for the free jimdo account so the .rfx can be found at the link above.

I call this one "Crazy Feet". You'll see why.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 411.0 KB
Gaui Hurricane 550 CFS-2048
Created for G5.5, this model will work in G4.5 as well without error. This version incorporates a lower resolution .tga than the original to avoid graphics card conflicts while creating the .dds files upon aircraft selection. Being set at the 2048x2048 resolution also enables me to freely upload the file to my jimdo site as it is under the 5MB max file size. :)
Gaui Hurricane 550
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 3.6 MB
Rockwell B-1B Lancer
Rockwell B-1B Lancer
Rename the file to .rfx from .zip.
Rockwell B-1B
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 3.2 MB
Rutan ARES-151
Rutan ARES-151
Rutan ARES
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 991.6 KB
HLG with de-thermalizer
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.3 MB
Updated Gripen with 2048x2048 main/classic .tga
This will import and create the .dds file without erroring out in Realflight G5.

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