I'm currently working on the paint scheme or color scheme (CS) as known in Realflight.  I'm not done 100% with the mapping, but it's 95% complete.  Some parts are basic mapped just to get an idea of how it will look in the simulator.

Space Shuttle Orbiter with Boosters


This is the progress as of 2/3/2012


Things I would like to do with this model:


1.)  Launch the shuttle from the launch pad.

2.)  Detach boosters after engine burn peak.

3.)  Deploy parachute(s).

4.)  Follow through with a controlled (RC) glide to the ground.


This 3D model would simulate the Space Shuttle RC rocket/glider found in the video from youtube.


I plan to get actual specs on that specific model rocket

Progress as of 1/29/2012


I created landing gears and wheels.  They aren't complete and were done quickly.  I'm not sure how it will work when they are retracted on startup since the shuttle will be sitting upright on the launch pad.  Realflight defaults with the landing gears in the open position.  ???

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